Sean's Bar Events : March music line-up

When: March 2017


Entertainment line up for March

Monday 27th Monday session with Jim & Mick
Tuesday 28th The Ruby Dukes
Wednesday 1st Hickory Wind
Thursday 2nd Jock & Davy
Friday 3rd Kensey3 / Maggie
Saturday 4th Anchormen/ Liz Fletcher
Sunday 5th The Ruby Dukes

Monday 6th Alan & Keith
Tuesday 7th Keith & Shane 
Wednesday 8th Hoppy Bar stars
Thursday 9th Brian McCormack
Friday 10th Rejig / Jock 
Saturday 11th The Benson Band/Albert
Sunday 12th The Hoppy Bar Stars 

Monday 13th Monday session with Mick & Jim
Tuesday 14th The Ruby Dukes
Wednesday 15th Hickory Wind

St Patricks Weekend 
  Thursday 16th - Jock & Davy /Weekend Celebrity (beer garden) - LATE OPENING 
  St Paddys Day  - 5.00pm - The Fabulous Bonker Boys
                            9.30pm  - The Ruby Dukes 
                            10.00  - DJ Padraig 
 Saturday 18th DJ John / Albert
 Sunday 19th Brian McCormack 
Monday 20th Alan & Keith
Tuesday 21st - Ballad session with Jim & Friends
Wednesday 22nd - The Hoppy Bar Stars
Thursday  23rd - Jim Byrne & Firends
Friday 24th - Second Chance / Stevie Brennan 
Saturday 25th - Mick Doyle / Shanie Mac
Sunday 26th - The Ruby Dukes 

Monday 27th - Monday session with Mick & Jim
Tuesday 28th - The Ruby Dukes
Wednesday 29th - Hickory wind 
Thursday 30th Jock & Davy
Friday 31st - Kensey3/Hickory Wind 
Saturday April 1st - Anchormen/ The Ruby Dukes 
Sunday April 2nd - Keith & Shane 

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