Sean's Blog : Sean's Bar Whiskey Label Nominated at Irish Print Awards

Sean's bar whiskey label has been shortlisted for an award at the annual Irish Print Awards which is due to take place at the Aviva Stadium on Friday December 1st. The Whiskey which was released in August this year has received praise from all over the world, both for its distinctive flavour and unique label.

Sean's Bar Specially Blended Irish Whiskey is the first of a range of whiskey's to be produced by the bar, all under the label of "Sean's Bar Ireland's Oldest Pub". The story of Sean's whiskey goes right back to the very origin of whiskey or Uisce Beatha where distilling first began in the monasteries on Lough Ree and further down the river Shannon at Clonmacnoise in the 6th century. The monks brought back the secrets of distilling to Ireland having discovered it on their travels throughout the mediterranean and northern Spain. In fact the earliest recorded mention of whiskey anywhere in the world was in the Annals of Clonmacnoise in 1405. So the region surrounding Sean's bar and Athlone is steeped in history and can claim to be the birth place of whiskey.
This first release is a limited edition and is dedicated to "Luain" the very first InnKeeper at Sean's.The whiskey is a blend of grain and malt and is matured over time in bourbon casks. It has a caramalised nose feel and initially the taste is rather soft & mildly sweet. Overall a very smooth blend.
The label is very attractive and on the back it illustrates Lough Ree and the river Shannon, highlighting the crossing point at the ancient ford. It explains why Luain established the Inn at this location and how the town of Athlone is named after him. The whiskey is available to buy in Sean's bar for €39.50 and it is presented in a beautiful and premium looking gift bag with the whiskey logo on it making it an ideal present this Christmas. For more information on the whiskey or to pre book your order please call 09064 92358 or email 

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