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Sean's blog will keep you up to date with pub life at Ireland's oldest pub. As well as keeping you updated on the latest news from Sean's, we will also share old stories from Athlone and the Midland's

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Sean's Bar Whiskey available online

Sean's Bar Irish Whiskey is now available to buy online for your delivery right to your own door step. Whether its a gift for that someone special.. or perhaps a gift for yourself, a bottle of Sean's Specially Blended Irish Whiskey is a must for every household. The whiskey also comes with a premium gift bag and history brochure.

A Pub Born in the Dark Ages

Sean's Bar has welcomed travel writers from all around the world over the past few decades, from the Lonely Planet to Business Insider. Each of these visitors take away with them a favourite memory of the World's Oldest Pub.. "the sawdust covered floors... the open turf fireplace.. the live traditional music.. the old walls covered in ancient artefacts". The one thing which they all agree on is that Sean's Bar is a unique bar with an amazing history attached to it. The following is an extract published on the BBC Website in March 2019 by Mike MacEacheran as he stopped by to chat to us and experience the hospitality at Sean's Bar.

Sean's bar launch their Single Malt Clonmacnoise

Sean's Bar was delighted to launch its second whiskey expression "Clonmacnoise" at the WSWA convention at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando Florida on April 2nd 2019. This convention welcomed wholesalers, importers,distributors and whiskey experts from all over the world and the occasion provided the perfect platform to launch the Single Malt.

Winner Pub of the Year

Sean's Bar picks up award for Pub of the Year at the Irish Restaurant Awards -

Sean's Bar history talk and Whiskey Experience

Sean's Bar Historic talk and Whiskey Experience will launch very soon.

John Booth - Brewer & Excise Man

Described by Prof G.T Stokes as a " stiff old puritan of the Baptist persuasion from Kilbeggan or thereabouts, gifted with a good deal of that strong facility of hatred which puritans at times could display" John Booth was indeed a very interesting and prominent business man in Athlone. We first learned about Mr Booth during our research into the old distilleries and breweries around Athlone where he was a major player in the industry. Responsible for the naming of "Excise Street" he was also a ruthless business man and involved in a major quarrel with other local business owners that rumbled on for years.

The Origin of Whiskey

In more recent years visitors to Sean's began to ask questions about what people used to drink in pubs years ago. People love to visit Sean's bar for its amazing history, its unique atmosphere and of course its traditional Irish music but more and more people became more culturally curious and wanted to know more about the history of alcohol in Ireland. "What did people drink 1000 years ago?" many people would ask! We had known the history of some of Ireland's largest commercial breweries and local distilleries including Guinness (1759), Smithwicks (1710), Kilbeggan Distillery (1757) and Tullamore Dew Distillery (1829). However when we began our journey of discovery into the very origin of whiskey we were amazed to discover that it all began around the Midlands surrounding Athlone in the many small monasteries on Lough Ree and further down the river Shannon to Clonmacnoise.

Mark Begg - A Colourful Inn-Keeper at Sean's Bar

Sean's Bar was formally known as " The Three Blackamoor Heads" and undoubtedly the most famous proprietor of the pub was Mark Begg who held the Inn in 1736. Mr Begg inaugurated the first stage coach service from Athlone to Dublin.