Daily Historical Talk at Sean's bar

Daily Tour of Sean's bar and Historical Whiskey Talk by Timmy Donovan @ 11am 
Sean's bar is delighted to announce that we will host a daily tour of the pub and historical whiskey talk every morning hosted by Timmy Donovan. Timmy has been at Sean's for almost 40 years and has a great knowledge of the pub, the town and indeed many events connected with the river shannon throughout the years. All tours will be welcomed by Timmy and given a talk about the history of Ireland's oldest pub dating right back to 900AD. Each group will also hear about the very origin of whiskey itself on Lough Ree where the monks brought back the secrets of Uisce Beathand distilling to their main monasteries and where they perfected the art of whiskey making. This is an amzing story and guests can enjoy a Sean's Irish Whiskey or indeed an Irish coffee while listening to Timmy

For individual or larger groups please phone 09064 92358 or email info@seansbar.ie and we can arrange a time to suit.